☢️ Risks
Understanding the risks associated with using DeFiDollar.

Has the code been audited?

Yes! Please check Audits.

Are there any risks in using DefiDollar?

DefiDollar is the result of DeFi's composability. It also carries the associated risks which we tried to list below: Internal:
  • Issues in DefiDollar smart contracts.
  • Centralization with reward distribution.
  • Systemic issues and smart contract bugs in Curve. See https://www.curve.fi/risks.
  • Systemic issues with Chainlink price oracles.
  • Systemic issues with the stable coins in supported peaks.
DeFiDollar is an experiment in beta so do not put any funds in that you can’t afford to lose.

Is DUSD fully permission-less?

To be agile in deployment and with fixes in the early days of the protocol the contracts are upgradeable in nature. Also, the decision on Liquidity mining reward distributions will be managed by the team to begin with. In the future, these decision making privileges will be transitioned to the community.

Does using DefiDollar Protocol generate taxable events?

We cannot provide tax or accounting advice. Tax regulations are specific to the jurisdiction where you or your company reside. For any legal or tax matters we recommend consulting your own attorney.