ILMO (Concluded)


Honest farmers need to deposit $DUSD to participate in the initial liquidity distribution. $DUSD can be minted with DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, yCRV and yUSD from our app. This is not a token sale! At the end of the 4 day period (TGE), $DUSD will be auto-converted into an equal number of balancer pool tokens (BPT) that have exposure to both the contributed $DUSD and a proportional share in the pool of 3mil DFD tokens (3% of the token supply). The BPTs will also be auto-staked. The staked BPTs will unlock linearly over a month and will farm an additional 1mil DFD during this period. Additional distribution details will accompany the ILMO launch blog with participation instructions.

The mechanism ensures the following:

  • No gas wars to participate

  • Parity in DFD mined irrespective of when you contribute DUSD.

  • Everyone starts DFD farming simultaneously, no action required after the initial contribution

Please check the medium post DefiDollar: Initial Liquidity Mining Offering (ILMO) for more details.



The ILMO contract has been audited by Peckshield.