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Welcome to the DefiDollar Finance docs. Join us on a journey to build the future of open Finance powered by products that are simple to use for DeFi and CeFi users alike.

These docs are a work in progress. A few particulars may be pending updates. Please reach out to the team on Discord or Telegram for clarifications.

What is DefiDollar Finance?

DefiDollar Finance is a multi-chain DeFi Protocol Lab. We are building a range of products to enable taking DeFi to the masses. DefiDollar Finance product suite comprises of the following :

DFD - The Governance Token for DefiDollar Finance

DFD acts as the glue for all products in the DeFiDollar ecosystem, being the ultimate vehicle of value accrual from protocol revenue. The primary use cases for DFD are follows:

  • Governance : DFD tokens grant the holders the right to participate in the protocol governance process for all products developed by the lab . It is already being used for the governance decisions and you can find the proposals here.

  • Fee sharing : DFD can be staked in the v2 Staking Vault on Ethereum to earn revenue from the protocol products - Read the how to guide here. Any new products from the lab will aim to contribute value to the DFD over time which may include airdrops for future tokens with associated projects. Current status of fee generation is as below:

  • ​DUSD: DUSD directs all of the earnings to the DefiDollar Savings Account. The savings account has the best product market fit for DUSD and isn't being incentivized by DFD via inflation. Therefore the protocol directs revenues to Savings in order to offer higher APY's to attract more capital to DUSD.

  • ​ibBTC: There is a Mint fee of 0.2% and a Redeem fee of 0.1%. This is being distributed to the stakers in the DFD v2 staking vault. You can track the fees address here or the dashboard here.

  • ​Opeth - Opeth is currently not generating any income.

To get mode details on DFD, please refer:

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out to us on Discord for questions, discussions, feature requests or just banter on the future of open finance. Follow us on twitter for updates.