📃 Audits

One stop repository for all DefiDollar Audits

We promptly fix all issues identified during audits and have them re-audited. Although audits reduce the risk by virtue of having dedicated professionals review the code but they do not eliminate the risks altogether. Please exercise your discretion before putting any funds in Defidollar.

Audit Log

  • [Aug 21, 2020 - Pre-launch] Quanstamp concluded a full system audit at commit b6a77bd.

  • [Aug 25, 2020 - Pre-launch] PeckShield concluded a full system audit at commit 185b4dd.

  • [Oct 24, 2020] Peckshield concluded the audit of the ILMO contracts.

  • [Dec 4, 2020] Monoceros Alpha (led by Daniel Luca, ex-consenSys Diligence) concluded a full system audit including the ibDUSD savings contract at commit 857a90d. This was the third full system audit and no issues were identified. Some recommendations for improving code quality and gas optimizations were made - they have been implemented. As of Dec 4, the changes will be deployed during the next protocol upgrade. A broader recommendation for the use of oracles was also made - this is already on our roadmap.

  • [Dec 25, 2020] Monoceros Alpha and Peckshield concluded the audit of the DFD buyback vault (ibDFD) at commit 99e2dc3. Peckshield also audited the ibDUSD savings contract.

  • [Mar 21, 2020] Monoceros Alpha concluded the audit of ibBTC